Good reasons to let your kids skateboard


Sport is health, and everyone agrees it, and when our dear darlings ask us to practice a sport, we are the first to encourage them. But there are some sports which, considered dangerous, do not win all the votes among worried parents. Skateboarding is one of them, and it is accompanied by a culture of its own which, we must admit, is not always to everyone’s taste.

Indeed, skateboarding has the particularity of being practiced with friends, most often in the street, using sidewalks, stairs and other ramps to try to perform tricks. But more and more cities are investing in the construction of a skate park, which allows skateboarders to practice their passion far from the street and its dangers. As a result, some cities have completely banned the use of skateboarding outside officially listed “spots”, as is the case for other so-called “sliding” sports, including BMX, surfing or snowboarding.

That said, skateboarding is a very good sport for developing balance and coordination of movements, especially among the youngest, and adults will find, beyond physical exercise, a passion that they can share with other young people of the same age. The “sliding” culture also offers them a dress code that is both relaxed and studied, which allows them to assert themselves and to show their passion for this type of sport through their style. Skateboarding is an activity that encourages perpetual surpassing of oneself, and this is undoubtedly what pushes us to classify it in the category of extreme sports. Indeed, the practice of skateboarding is, in essence, a permanent challenge,

to try to achieve more and more complex figures, and try to compete with the big names in this sport. It is an activity that teaches rigor, and humility in the face of failure: indeed, you sometimes have to fall many times to finally achieve the figure you are trying to achieve. Do not panic however, when you are well protected, falls on a skateboard are rarely very dangerous, especially at the beginner level. But it still requires good protective equipment. Do not hesitate to demand the wearing of knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards… but above all and it is undoubtedly the most important protective equipment: no skateboard without a helmet!

With all these precautions and by showing yourself an interest in your child’s passion, everything will be fine and you too will be able to compliment him on his progress and feel proud to see him lead a project and truly indulge in his passion, with your support. It is indeed very important for a child, especially in adolescence, to feel that he has the support of his parents and to be encouraged in what he undertakes and, if you share his passion from the start. , no risk of falling into a situation where he could put himself in danger. To sum up, skateboarding or other sport, physical activity contributes to personal growth, and should always be encouraged rather than repressed.

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