Kayaking, a sport and entertainment


Kayaking or canoeing (or canoeing) is a sporting activity that can be practiced recreationally or in a much more sporty way. The main distinction between kayaking and canoeing is the paddle, double for kayaking and single for canoeing.

Canoeing is a very intense activity which also requires a lot of vigor. It is a water sport that you can do on a river, but also a river or even on the sea. In this case, you will have to get on a boat that can be single-seater, two-seater or more. And to move forward, it will be necessary to paddle.

To decide among the many kayak references that are currently available on the market, 3 factors must be decisive: speed, maneuverability and stability.

The speed of a kayak, on average, always stays about the same, around 4 knots, and therefore cannot be a deciding factor. As a general rule, however, we can specify that a polyethylene kayak will tend to become slower over time (the glide is slowed down by the scratches): to maintain equal performance over the years, it is better to favor a fiber boat. .

Maneuverability is opposed to stability: an extremely manoeuvrable kayak loses stability, while a very stable kayak is more difficult to change direction or turn: it is up to everyone, therefore, to find their own balance between these two qualities.

Kayak stability is defined in primary and secondary. Primary stability is essential for anglers and divers. It corresponds to the movements of the boat when it is stationary. Secondary stability concerns rough seas or extremely difficult courses.

What are called kayak tours actually have two meanings. Kayak tours are both a series of sports competitions, a sort of annual competitive kayaking championship, and also recreational and tourist hiking trails intended for the general public. Competitive kayaking is often assimilated to what is called “withewater kayak” or whitewater kayaking, reserved for athletes or seasoned amateurs.

Why make it?

Canoeing is a complete recreational sport. But we can make it a real competitive sport that sculpts the body and the mind. Because of its practice outdoors and above all, on the water, you will be able to enjoy the sun and the great outdoors when you practice it. In addition, it is also a sport that requires you to work your upper body well, but also to have strong abdominal muscles. It tones both the arms, but also the shoulders, the legs and the whole part of the abdomen.

In addition, whether you are sailing with or without a teammate, it is necessary to coordinate the movements well to avoid wobbling in the boat. It will also be necessary to work on your balance. All this allows you to build muscle, but also to work on your heart rate.

Another great advantage of canoeing is its ability to awaken your senses and develop your memory. You must in fact listen to the environment around you, but also be a good observer to avoid obstacles on the water. Before embarking on the practice of this sport in this case, you must train hard to avoid cases of cramps or stiffness in the open sea.

It is necessary to loosen the joints of the legs, as you can sit for several minutes or even hours in the boat. You should also prepare your arms for pushing and rowing. It is also important to properly induce UV cream to avoid the actions of solar rays on the skin. And in order to have good visibility, do not forget the sunglasses.

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