Why train with a sports coach at home?


We are told and we are told it again: playing sports is essential for a healthy lifestyle, to feel good, to have a healthy heart and to avoid overweight.

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Yes but here it is: we all have good reasons to avoid making these efforts which, although being so good for our body, also take time, require a certain motivation … not to mention that many of us do not like particularly going to a club to practice a sport within a group, and having to struggle and exhaust yourself to succeed in keeping up with the rhythm, or on the contrary to have the feeling of “going for nothing”, because the we happen to have reached a more advanced level.

As for weight machines, how they work is not always easy, and they can sometimes do more harm than good if the wrong movements are done.

So what would be the solution? A personal sports coach of course! Why does it work?

First of all, the role of the personal sports coach is to listen to you, to understand your expectations and your goals, and to help you reach them as quickly as possible, thanks to a program particularly adapted to your needs.

This relationship made up of dialogue with your personal trainer therefore not only allows you to work on what is necessary, but also to take into account your personal limits (if for example you suffer from certain joints or if you have particular difficulties).

Then, for those who have a busy schedule or need flexible hours, the personal trainer may be the only solution to

engage in regular physical activity. Personal sports coaches often agree to come to your home, to your workplace, to a gym … in short, wherever it suits you. No more reason to skip a session on the pretext that the schedules are fixed: the personal sports coach adapts to your schedule.

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Establishing a personalized program and a certain routine is also the role of the sports coach, who will take your progress into account and adapt your exercises according to them. This is the best way to practice effective exercise. The sports coach also allows you to become aware of your own progress, which you would have more difficulty in evaluating in group training or if you practice weight training alone.

Finally, a personal trainer helps you to stay motivated and confident in yourself, because it is important, to achieve your goals, to have permanent support. This encouragement has a great influence on success. And since this is a private lesson, the sports coach’s attention is focused exclusively on you and your performance, which allows you to progress even faster.

Last point, which is a strong argument, thanks to a 50% tax reduction, which applies because your private lesson with a sports coach is considered a personal service, you can benefit from incredible prices for your sports lessons at home.

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