Folding exercise bike, the ergonomic equipment to have at home


It has been a few years since the folding exercise bike conquered individuals. Offered for cardio training in the gym, this equipment is perfect for training quietly at home. In addition to saving space, this material offers a multitude of benefits.

The foldable exercise bike provides various advantages

A folding exercise bike takes up as little space as possible in use. Its deployment hardly requires a square meter. Most models stand in a 100cm x 50cm rectangle. This material becomes even more compact when stored. It slips under the bed or the broom cupboard with ease. Ergonomics is the main argument of this equipment. It is easily installed upstairs with its featherweight. Manufacturers offer products that weigh around 20 kg. They support a user who weighs five times heavier. This single person should be able to deploy and store the device after their home sports session.

Reminder on the operation of this sports equipment

The foldable exercise bike allows you to simulate movements on a bicycle. The user is seated in a saddle with the hands on a fixed handlebar. The height adapts to the size of the user. The equipment mainly stresses the legs. However, exercise benefits the rest of the body by working the breath and different muscles. Thanks to the flywheel with magnetic functionality, the user pedal with a certain resistance. Everything happens in silence. Most of the devices sold on the market have an LCD screen. This monitor indicates the number of kilometers traveled, the speed. Sometimes parameters such as heartbeat and calories burned can be added. An MP3 player with headphone output from a jack is commonly integrated into the device.

The different benefits of pedaling at home

Those who don’t have a lot of time to hit the gym can work out on a folding exercise bike. This compact device can be placed in the bedroom to persuade the person to exercise as soon as they wake up. Morning pedaling puts you in a good mood. It is also a way to keep the heart in good shape. The sessions help to ward off circulatory diseases such as high blood pressure. Exercise bikes are great for maintaining a healthy weight. It rules out type 2 diabetes and many other pathologies due to overweight. Anyway, this equipment makes playing sports pleasantly, without exposing yourself to various external dangers. It is possible to pedal while listening to music or watching TV.

Some models to choose the one that suits you

A normal folding exercise bike invites you to pedal in a seated position with your back straight. This classic presentation is suitable for everyone. It is primarily aimed at those who wish to maintain their physical shape without leaving the comfort of home. More specific versions are also available in stores. This is the case with the semi-recumbent indoor bike. This device is intended for seniors or convalescent patients. Instead of the saddle, the user has a soft adjustable chair. This equipment accommodates a pulsometer and other measuring instruments to monitor vital parameters.

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