Stay safe and warm up for the right exercise


So you’re on your way to embarking on a new sports or training regimen, right? It’s great. Nothing does a body good like physical activity. And it’s great for building muscle, burning calories, and shedding that fat.

So what sport or type of training do you do? And before you start, you warm up, don’t you?

Glad to see you nod quickly. But wait a second. Are you warming up the right way for your chosen sport?

Keep in mind that when preparing to exercise, you should try to warm up in the way that is most beneficial for your exercise.

The word, my friends, is “specificity”!

For example, if you are going to run, your best warm-up is probably brisk walking and slow jogging. This is the closest movement pattern you can get to running without actually getting into that full-fledged run. You warm up at this rate for at least 5 minutes before trying hard. This will ensure that you are warming up the right muscles for the right movement, thus minimizing the risk of injury from tearing a cold muscle or tendon.



So let’s say you go to the gym and do some weight lifting. Why would you choose a stationary bike to warm up for this type of exercise? Sure, it can make your heart and blood beat faster, but it sure won’t warm up your muscles for the type of work you’re about to ask them to do.

a better warm-up would be to ride a bike or treadmill for 5 minutes, but also do one set of each exercise on a lighter weight (around 50% of the weight of your main sets) to get your muscles used to the movement you are on. the point of asking them to do with more intensity. Then they’ll be ready for whatever you throw at them. Remember, a ride on a stationary bike probably won’t do too much to warm up your arms for a bicep curl or chest pressure.


So if you are going to play golf or play tennis, first do some torso twisting exercises (like side chopping, also known as “wood choppers”) and some arm movements. If you are going to play soccer, soccer, or rugby, take a brisk jog and do jumps, burpees, and once warmer, sprints.

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Boxing? Do some light shadow boxing without an opponent, and some plyometrics move like jumping side to side and back and forth before stepping into the ring against your opponent.

Hockey? A bit of a brisk walk then a slow jog or just skates, but calm down for the first 5 minutes before the game started. We all saw the pros skate around the rink while the announcer did his pre-game thing. start of an NHL game. Why do you think gamers are doing this? They don’t just do show-boating, they warm up!

Do not forget to choose your warm-ups with care and specificity. You could prevent yourself from sustaining a serious injury one day.

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