Things not to do on a hike


You will come across many articles where you have been told what to do, what to eat and what to pack when you go hiking in Mont Blanc etc. But there are very few blogs, articles on what not to do when you go hiking.

Last day, we were researching in the same direction and were surprised by the insufficient information available. Either way, the things you shouldn’t be doing on a hike are thankfully ignored. Therefore, we thought to cover this topic and share what we know with all of you.

From our backpacking trips over the years, we’ve learned to keep the following things in mind:

Respect local traditions. For any native, their tradition is of the utmost importance. They have immense respect for that. And a kind of disrespect to their traditions is like insulting them. So before embarking on your hike to Mont Blanc, find out what the local traditions are. You can ask your agent for help. You can still read the books available.

The local food is great for your body: the elevation of where you hike is completely different from the plains where you are based. So when there is a difference in altitude, your body will react to it.

Your body will take the time to adjust to the change in weather and atmosphere to make sure you are ready for the change, eat the local foods available there. It will help keep you warm and provide you with the energy you need for the trek.

In fact, take some local fruits with you (which will give instant energy and will not rot quickly) so that you can eat them whenever you feel hungry during the trek.

Keep the area clean: Just because you’ve come to hike and don’t belong to the place doesn’t mean you’re going to get it dirty. No matter where you stop for lunch and dinner during the trek, always clean the area before you set off. Do not leave plastic bags, carbonated drink cans lying around, they do not easily decompose and seriously harm the environment.

Research shows that every year tons of plastic waste are collected in these areas. If you can’t do anything good to nature, then at least don’t hurt and disturb it anymore.
And finally listen to what the guide says.

Don’t try to act smart and overrule the guide’s decisions. If he says the weather is not perfect to go further and that you should camp for the night, listen to him. Don’t ask her to continue just because you think the time is right to continue. They know this better than you and can interpret weather changes well before any other team member. So make sure you follow its instructions completely.

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