What music to listen to while hiking


Hiking is fun, healthy and affordable for everyone. Anyone can hike with the necessary safety precautions. But no outdoor activity is 100% risk-free, and hiking is no exception. But by following a few simple tips, you can make sure they’re fun, challenging, and most importantly, safe. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

Choosing the right music

Good music gives a better rhythm to a hike and there is nothing better than admiring nature with loud music. If you like the beat, you can listen to music that moves a bit. However, be aware that you will tend to walk according to the pace. So if the music moves a lot, you may tend to walk faster. On the other hand, soft music is in excellent symbiosis with nature and will allow you to relax. Besides the choice of music, it is also important to prepare well.

Make a list of materials

Like any other trip, it is advisable to make an equipment list and prepare the necessary equipment the night before departure. Even if you plan to hike a short distance, there are some essentials that every hiker should have. There are what we call the 10 essentials, make sure you have them with you on your hike. This is a collection of equipment and clothing that all hikers should wear. The list includes items for boating, sun protection, insulation, lighting, first aid, fire, repairs, food, water, and emergency shelter.

Learn about the configuration of the land

Granted, part of the joy of hiking is spontaneity, but it’s important to know what kind of flora and fauna you’ll be exposed to. Are there any wild animals and poisonous plants you should know about? Is it the hunting season? Are any trails blocked or closed due to weather conditions? Check the park or trail website before you go, or the regional or government site.

Find a hiking partner

If you have friends who are hiking, ask them to take you. Most people are happy to share their expertise, let you borrow gear, and introduce beginners to their favorite trails. If you don’t know any hikers, many towns and villages have hiking clubs that organize regular outings. You can find hiking courses, outings and events

Hiking alone: ​​Indulging in nature on your own can give a feeling of freedom and adventure. But it can also be intimidating and too calm. If you are new to hiking, it is recommended that you find a companion to keep you company. But if you are a lone wolf and want to go on your own, start with short trips to popular destinations and let those around you know your destination and the duration of your hike. Listening to music makes you feel less alone, so don’t forget to prepare a playlist.

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