The importance of tennis equipment


Many sports require specific equipment to be practiced. Although some of these sports, such as rugby or ice hockey, unequivocally require suitable protection, one might be tempted to believe that others are much less demanding. Tennis is one of them: the racket and the ball are the only accessories that we think of when we equip ourselves to play tennis. However, this is a mistake because this sport, like many others, requires very specific equipment to be practiced to perfection, and professional clothing owes nothing to chance. Let’s go over the different elements of a tennis outfit to better understand their importance in the game.

The tennis racket

There are about ten models that can be used by players practicing different styles. Before being made of metal, as is the case today, tennis rackets were made of wood, which was the case until 1963. The use of different metals now makes it possible to give the frame, the rigid part of the racket, the shape and weight you want very precisely. Both stronger and lighter, the metal has greatly improved the precision of the game. The rules of tennis allow players to adapt the size, shape and weight of their racquets to their style of play, and in competition, we can therefore say that there are as many rackets as there are players. To play as an amateur, you can still choose a racquet that is heavier in terms of the handle or, on the contrary, the sieve, a more or less wide sieve, different types of strings and, of course, the length of the racquet according to its preferences.

The tennis ball

Everyone knows these bouncing balls covered with yellow felt. Be aware that there are small variations, especially in terms of their composition, diameter and mass.

Tennis shoes

Today’s tennis shoes are the subject of much attention. Developed to offer professional players maximum playing comfort, they also allow greater safety thanks to their adapted shape and the “little extras” specific to each brand. Thus, a Nike tennis shoe will have different cushioning, arch support and abrasion resistance systems than you can find with other brands. It is therefore advisable to be well informed before buying tennis shoes.

Tennis clothing

Adapted tennis clothing is also essential. Designed to facilitate the movement of the body and to allow long-lasting comfort, in particular by offering good perspiration wicking, tennis clothing is also one of the essentials when you want to practice this sport on a regular basis.

Tennis accessories

Finally, tennis players are now finding more and more accessories to improve their style of play or simply to accompany them on a daily basis, during their training or their tournaments. Mention will thus be made of the tennis bag, which is intended to be robust and light, and comprising a specific compartment for transporting the racket. Grips, over-grips, rods or anti-vibrators are also available.

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