How to choose the right bike


In the world of cycling, there are many disciplines: it would indeed be very simplistic to talk about bicycles in general, and to say that it is enough to have a good bike, which will be suitable for all uses. While it is true that some bikes are more versatile than others, there are nonetheless various types of bikes suitable for specific disciplines.

Indeed, city dwellers will choose a city bike, suitable for the road, manoeuvrable and well equipped. It is essential for a city bike to be equipped with a raised handlebar, which allows you to pedal while keeping the bust straight. Then a kickstand and reflective devices are needed, as well as a good, wide and comfortable saddle. Finally, the gears must be easily accessible and the change must be able to take place quickly.

For those who want to use their bike in town, but without necessarily being limited to it, the VTC, read all-terrain bike, is undoubtedly a good compromise. It will have the advantage of being more comfortable than a mountain bike, or mountain bike, which will be more suited to true adventurers and followers of very rugged paths.

Next come professional bikes, racing bikes and competition bikes, which require even more specific features. For this type of bike, there is no question of choosing a “go-anywhere” bike. It will be a question of choosing a bike suitable for a unique activity. Here again, for example, a distinction must be made between speed running and cross-country running, as well as the type of terrain.

Bikes suitable for road racing are lightweight frames, with a frame preferably in carbon, or in aluminum, a particularly reliable crankset and thin tires, for minimal contact with the road.

The best is undoubtedly, in any case at a high level, to choose a “tailor-made” bike, each of the parts of which will be perfectly adapted. The trick is to call on a professional dealer, who will be able to guide you and offer you the best performance / price ratio depending on the type of activity you want to practice.

The watchword for these cycling professionals: robustness, durability, ergonomics and perfectly adapted weight. Their frames and other elements are tested to provide the best possible resistance. They offer patented systems and warranties of up to three years on their bikes. Some even take care of the design and production in the same premises. The custom bikes offered by these professionals allow you to choose the frame perfectly suited to the cycling practice that concerns you, as well as the size and all the other components for a bike that really looks like you.

Do not hesitate to visit the websites of these patented and certified retailer manufacturers, who are, as responsible for both production, testing and sales, particularly able to offer you a bike of exceptional quality. at the best price.

Anyway, and whatever your level, do not ignore safety, which can only be guaranteed by purchasing a good quality model.

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