Equipment used in running and trail running


Running and trail running requires you to be well equipped to take full advantage of these two sports. The equipment manufacturers have taken into account all the needs of practitioners by providing them with a host of very useful equipment and accessories. The choice of equipment must be made according to the objectives to be achieved, needs (competition or personal practice), size or environment.


The choice of clothing will take into account the season. In the cold season, opt for trail or running jackets with several layers to ensure breathability, warmth and waterproofness. During hot periods, light, ventilated jackets are recommended.

Men’s running and trail running

The practice of trail or running requires having adequate clothing. Equipment that allows freedom of movement and facilitates moisture transfer is recommended.

The choice of outfit must be made according to its technical specificities. This is why cotton is not recommended because it is important to allow the sweat to be quickly evacuated. This role is very well fulfilled by Polyester or Elastane materials. The choice of clothing must also take into account the existence of pockets to contain your accessories.

The hights

In running or trail running in terms of clothing you have the choice between long-sleeved jerseys, short reed jerseys, T-shirts, tank tops, jackets. For the more athletic, there are compression garments that improve hold, blood circulation and speed up recovery time.

The socks

For the stockings you have the shorts, the corsairs ¾, the tights, the pants and the Shorts. Depending on the season, you can opt for a lightweight bottom such as 2 in 1 shorts with built-in shorts or long double-layered tights to keep the heat in.

Running and trail running women

For women, it is highly recommended to wear a bra for more support in the chest area. The clothes used must provide comfort while ensuring high performance. For the ladies, you can run and take care of your style thanks to the range of clothing from the major brands of running and trail.

The shoes

Due to the nature of the surfaces, running shoes suitable for different environments are necessary. For shoes, they fall into several categories: trail, running, minimalist, triathlon or cross-country shoes.

The other accessories

Other accessories which seem less significant are also important for an easy race. This equipment helps protect the head, hands or feet.

A variety of other accessories are the prerogative of running and trail runners: backpacks, running belts, hats, caps, socks, glasses, etc.

The trail, given the nature of the surfaces, requires more specific equipment such as poles, gaiters, lamps and soles.

In order to allow everyone, whatever their level, to measure their efforts and progress, it is recommended to use a running watch. The objective is to be able to compare the different outings with each running outing and compare the data between them: time, distance covered, average speed, etc.

For the more ambitious, you can pair the running watch with a GPS or a heart rate monitor belt.


Several major brands are now specialized in shoes and running clothing. The best known are Asics, Nike, Mizuno, Salomon and Skechers.
Each brand has its own particularity, such as the Salomon shoes, specially designed for trail running.

Now all you have to do is choose your equipment and… On your marks, get set, run!

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