Board sports and ecology


For quite some time now, we have all heard about ecology all over the place. Everyone feels more or less concerned. What if board sports such as snowboarders, skiers, snowboarders, etc. were the first to be concerned?

The world of board sports is a world apart, with its codes, its language, which sometimes differs from one practice to another. However, there is one thing that all riders have in common: the practice in a natural environment.

And yes ! Surfers for example: they jump into the water with their board as soon as they can and sometimes spend several hours a day in the ocean. Skiers and snowboarders do the same in the mountains on snow in winter, but very often in summer when hiking. These sports being closely linked to the environment, these practitioners all have an interest in protecting their playgrounds! Surfers love to surf in clean, healthy water free of pollutants and other litter that can be found on the beach.

This community of nature riders has understood this well and we are seeing the emergence of various environmental actions led by riders. To name a few: The actions of collection on the beaches, awareness raising in schools and many other actions carried out with the government orchestrated by the Surfrider Foundation (NGO which aims to protect the coast). We also find the same type of actions carried out this time in the mountains by the Association of Mountain Riders. This world of sliding is largely influenced by the main brands of clothing and equipment for these sports. To name but a few, take the example of Volcom, Element, as well as the youngest French brand, Picture Organic Clothing, who have widely understood that it is necessary to react and encourage riders to protect this environment which is crucial for them. their practice. These brands are developing more and more environmental protection actions and are also producing more and more ecological clothing, thus reducing their environmental impact.

All this little world is getting organized and is increasingly imposing these green trends among riders.

At a time when the controversy is growing over the toxicity of the clothes we wear, it is good to be able to turn to this kind of store which offers ethical products and not harmful to our health.

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